Feral Perception is the independent business of one artist, with an ambitious goal:

To tell stories of fictional worlds and heroes, all coexisting in one connected multiverse. Albeit, a collection of dark stories, primarily with a mature demographic in mind.


From indie games, to novels, to comics - stories can be told in many ways.


Feral Perception's mission is to share the stories of a fictional multiverse, while avoiding the predatory sales methods commonly seen in today's industry. In a market of pay-to-win scams, and false advertising from publishers - I want to give YOU, the audience, a truthful and honest experience. And at the same time, it is my goal to deliver stories you will never forget. Fantastic adventures await; with you, the audience of awesome human beings, in mind.


This business has been a work in progress for several years. As you can imagine, ambitious projects are never easy for solo artists. As an artist, you must keep up with jobs, family, friends, and emergencies like anyone else.


Until further notice, Feral Perception is primarily a solo project.