My name is Dylan Mcgehee. (and no, you didn't pronounce that right) A caring person, with a passion for art and technology. After several years of poking around with mod kits for my favorite games, and writing short stories in my free time, I decided it was time to put my talent to good use: start making my own games, and publishing my own stories. 



Feral Perception. An odd brand name indeed. But why? If anything, "Feral Perception" sounds more like a nature based company, not a media brand. Well, here's the story (the short version). 

Among many years of art, going by my commonly mispronounced name never worked well. "oh look, this painting is done by Die-lan Mc-gay-hee"! or "where's Drayn Mickguhie, I need to tell him how much his work sucks". Putting up with it became unacceptable. So, throughout the years, I've had a few different names for my work. In a few unreleased projects it was "wild cat studios" [generic, boring], and in my old Youtube channel it was "FlfyCats17Productions" [too long and confusing]. So eventually, I needed a better name. One that was simple, and meant something. 


Feral - to be wild, mindless, untamed, and free, in an animal's perspective. 


Perception - To see, experience, and live in the moment. 


My brand? Creating amazing stories and adventures. And what better way to describe the beauty of fiction than a freeing, vivid fantasy? This, is Feral Perception. 


In an act to pay respect to a lost loved one, my first version of a logo was a calavera (sugar skull), outlined in white and colored in black. But I felt this decision fit the company as well, with respect for history & mythology being a priority in my fiction. And, as self publishing gives the freedom to embrace dark topics, I felt it was important for the logo itself to seem morbid and haunting: something that could catch your attention with a ghostly stare.


Plus, with a slow moving production schedule, I felt it would poke fun at the times people say things like "this game is dead". ... well, yeah, of course it's dead: have you seen the logo? LOL

Though, as days went by, I decided this first logo was a bit too disturbing. Besides, common consumers aren't expected to make connections so complex. It was time for a new logo design, one that meant just as much.

My new design became the face of Talon, my mascot and a prized character of mine. Drawn in the same simplicity and colors of the previous logo, and with hollow eyes represented by zeros: this logo felt true to the themes and darkness of my stories and brand. But, as time goes on, the logo itself is still being changed and updated to this day; as with the early stages of a brand, it's best to take things one step at a time.



Today's market for media and story telling can be, well, kinda messed up.


You have million dollar companies that only listen to their fan bases so often, and far underneath them is all the indie artists pouring their hearts and souls into work gone unnoticed. And even more disturbing, is the people underneath those artists, who shamelessly ripoff the work of others and call it their own. (For an example, take a good look at the mobile games market.) 

Even worse, is that any time something [anything] becomes popular, you get delusional reporters and politicians blaming fiction for violence in the real world (the same violence that has existed in humanity for all of history, or is otherwise the breaking point of an individual's mental health having gone neglected).


Or, any time a company portrays subjects of history, mythology, or other important matters? There's always some idiot who's claims a false or otherwise idiotic statement.

- and as soon as some attention-seeking journalist has anything to say like that? In a world where hatred and panic spreads faster than truth? It's all controversy and confusion from then on. 


And last but not least, whenever a well known company makes unexpected decisions (new features, change in art style) the entirety of the internet flips out in drama and criticism. 

My mission, in whatever way possible, is to break this typical format.

Listen to fan's ideas, without sacrificing creative vision. Use passion, but with decent advertising. Original ideas ONLY. Ideas so absurd, that only a fool would say "little jimmy committed a crime because [video game with giant robots and aliens that would never exist]". Respect to history and mythology at it's best. And never making stupid or unnecessary changes to a project's formula.


My history in art has been, to put it simply, a mix of disasters.

It all started with "[redacted] Man", a super hero comic that I made when I was little, making it up as I went along. It was a fun, hilarious adventure that jump-started my passion for creative storytelling. But in the end, [redacted] Man was merely the untalented work of a kid doodling in his sketch book.

As I grew more passionate for these unusual creations of mine, I decided to kick things up a notch by (whoah!) creating MY OWN team of super heroes! (WOW, great job 6 year old me, your really going places now) 

My ideas became those of an artist. It was my dream to make comics, stories, movies, and even video games about all my fantastic ideas. And soon enough, my creations of heroes became entire worlds of characters and stories. And from that, to timelines with depth and history. But, as life went on and little progress was made, I gave in to the ideals of others, and was made to believe that I could never be an artist. That all my ideas for games and creations where "the kind of things people spend their lives in collage for". 

But all of that changed when I got my own computer, and started to create. Things took off, and I made myself an artist. Though, I did not see the unfortunate events that lied ahead of me.

In my first BIG project, I made mods for a lot of my favorite games. It was fun, and I couldn't wait for the day I'd share a download link with the world. But a passion project several years in the making had ended, with my files going corrupt after an unexpected software update. And as an early artist, I had made the beginners mistake of not having a backup file. It was tragic, but I eventually moved on. 

Next, I started a [online video creation] channel - a place where I could make people laugh, put smiles on faces, and make good days for people across the world. Though, out of nowhere, my entire channel was terminated without notice or explanation. Hundreds of hours on passionate and fun videos, all deleted in a moment's notice. Even after contacting the company several times, no explanation or apology was given to me.

But next, came my biggest work yet. Someone showed me a [new web app of 2016], made for short videos with great editing capabilities. On this platform, I reached over 500 followers, and was even followed by a fellow creator, who is now one of my favorite indie musicians. But, as we all know, the platform of [R.I.P] didn't last long. Just like my mods, just like [other online videos]: All of my passionate work, was gone. Everything destroyed, by reasons out of my control.

Halted 3 times for the stupidest reasons, I decided it was time to start something new. Something that was truly my own.


Forget mods.


Forget the mainstream online platforms.


I'll publish my own novels, and create my own games, even if that means doing it all alone.

Not only with the passion that ALL my previous works left behind, but fueled by the flame these past several years have ignited.