Collectively, Feral Perception's multiverse is currently untitled. Like all things important, it should be crafted with time and care. Until a final title is decided, it will remain a mystery. Though, fittingly, as sometimes these questions are hard to answer.


Feral Perception's multiverse is divided into 3 coexisting timelines. Occasionally, they have interfered with one another by the use of advanced technology.


Though, when realities collide, they are bound for dire consequences. Many events, tragic and miraculous, can be traced back to the timelines provoking each other's plots. 


The Limited Terra is a fictional universe like most others. A parallel earth, in which fictional leaders rule, unusual twists are written in history, and unique or comedic names are in place of essential trademarks.


The Limited Terra was a very calm society across the planet. Was, until a the ruins of a forgotten society had been unearthed. Ever since the discovery, paranormal activity has been notably on the rise. 


The Mythic Eternity is a complete paradise. Flourishing nature, perfected technology, and the empire of an otherworldly species. This spiritual, super powered society has been through it's fair share of settlement and politics.


But when a race has already learned the secrets of the universe, how much farther can science go? Only into dark places, and topics that where better left untouched.


What do you see when you dream? A realm of scattered, unconnected events. Maybe the occasional act of lucid power. This dreamlike state is the same state of the Apparent Fantasy. Scattered, unconnected, and random.


In merely a moment, anything could happen; from the rise and fall of an empire, to the everyday tale of a family's life. A sky full of rain, in which every drop is a self contained story. In simpler terms, the Apparent Fantasy is where stories with no main place in the connected narrative exist.


The other timelines view this realm as a paranormal presence, similar to dark matter. But as with all oddities in the universe, some people are bound to investigate it, or even try to use it for power.


Where would you be if you were nowhere at all? Perhaps lost in a void of darkness? A terrifying space of nightmares? Or even, a paradoxical time loop? These are the 3 examples of space between the 3 primary timelines. Unreality, The Grave, and The Cycle: a false trinity of broken, hellish realms. 


Those who dare travel between timelines may become lost in any of these places, if unprepared or careless...