At the current point of the brand's development, the truth is: very few people know of Feral Perception's existence. No official advertising has been done, no projects have been released, and only this (currently) bare-bones website stands as Feral Perception's home. But if you have found this site, and enjoy what you've read? I'd like to say: thank you, and welcome. But most importantly: to stay tuned.

In recent months, outstanding progress has been made. Not only for the novel mentioned in the previous post, but something else. Something not ready to be announced yet. But something I can honestly say: is exciting.

For the past year and a half, it's been the classic struggle of a solo artist. The nearly endless cycle of "I have an idea, time to make it! --> Idea does not work as planned, or was far too ambitious. --> starts early stages of new project --> repeat". But I can safely say: the cycle has been broken, and Feral Perception's first indie game is officially in development. And like most indie games, it's a simple premise with a unique twist. And most importantly: a very unique style. Something that, in the classic spirit of video games, breaks the expectation of what may be considered "normal" in media. Though, a bit risky, as it may only resonate with a particular type of audience. When this project is finished, I fully expect some people to be drawn towards it, as some people to be averted. After all, art is a subject of perspective.

But no need to worry for the upcoming novel. While a bit ambitious of a task, the creative process of fantasy writing and game design are two VERY different things. The 2 projects of the novel, and game, will be worked on alongside each other. Which will come out first? Hopefully the novel, but only time will tell.

(Originally posted June 17th, 2019. Re-uploaded to new format, August 2019)