Moving Forward

Few may know that Feral Perception's ambitions began with a small creator's channel on the popular website [Redacted, for "serious business" purposes]. My first [profile], FlfyCats17Productions, was terminated without notice, explanation, or apology. A channel containing records of forever-lost projects, and special love letters to close friends who have since died. Without remorse or reason, all of this was lost to a fragile website with poor service. Even after contacting [the corporation] several times, I was merely given the "We're sorry to hear your problem. We can't do anything about it." treatment.

Nonetheless, upon starting my new and improved business, the first thing I did was start a new [account for the unnamed site], because you can't let yourself be known without advertising. And in our newest age of self proclaimed "content creators", internet culture has lead to a massive wave of exposure for small businesses like my own. Indie games, works of fiction, mobile apps, and countless other examples have one thing in common now: more often then not, their massive success has "content creators" to thank for their big boost of exposure. So naturally, a new [account] would be the best place for my business to start. Trailers, updates, and a linked [internet] account to help with the rest.

Though, as [corporation] proceeded to favor "famous" people over small creators, it all got worse. I was serving to a platform that would rather pay famous TV stars to talk about [dated and relevant subjects of the chaotic 1010s decade], while merely saying a curse word could spell financial collapse for a well-experienced "content creator". And to this day, controversies and struggles between these class divides continue to grow. More "creators" are leaving the platform, and the once humble [DIY creation platform] is trying harder to become a news and television service.

At this point, I couldn't support this kind of platform anymore, and created the website you are reading from now. But just in case, I always kept Feral Perception's [video site account] around. Maybe things would get better one day. Maybe a place to publicly share videos would come useful one day.

But, unfortunately, in the wake of recent controversies and chaos, Feral Perception's [worldwide video sharing] channel will be manually deleted and officially discontinued. Here's why:

In recent changes of policy, [platform of subject] has declared: "[our services] may terminate your access, or your [internet] account's access to all or part of the Service if [our company] believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable".

In English, what I just quoted says: "If we think your [account] is not giving us enough money, we will shut you down. Permanently. Fuck you." This is a prime example of the greed and malice that Feral Perception's business model stands against.

Not only that, but a recent disaster has shown just how unstable this platform really is. A recent live stream by content creator "[a kind humble man, and great creative inspiration of mine]", has resulted in countless people's [internet] accounts (Not [the website service] accounts - [primary email] accounts) being terminated. Why? How? Get this: for spamming chat emotes, when the stream host told the audience to do so collectively. Yeah. Now at least a few people have probably said "I'm sorry I didn't get that important work email, boss. I was watching [a web show] and they terminated my account."

Don't just believe me: do your own research. [technically that will be a lot harder now with these embarrassing but necessary censorship updates in brackets]

If your seeing this as of it's recent posting, there's probably talk about it all over the internet. I didn't hear about all this by living under a rock.

It pains me to say so, as some of my favorite musicians and developers got their big start from this unstable site. But Feral Perception is now officially separated from ["Screw Our Loyal Users Incorporated"]. I cannot risk the [email] account that this website is built on, being terminated for simply existing. A non monetized account, that has broken no rules at all. I can't risk my work being taken away once more, just because my accounts are attached to a platform bound for disaster. And if rumors are true, than [the website] as a whole is about to get a whole lot worse any month now.

Goodbye, destroyers of my creations. You don't know art when you see it anyways.

(Originally posted on November 11, 2019.

Updated in regards to "serious business" policy on September 1, 2020)