While story boarding for an RPG game, it was decided my first story in mind was actually better fit for, of all things, a fantasy novel. Since then, the progress on what may become Feral Perception's debut project, has skyrocketed!

While Feral Perception's goals are based on interactive media, it came as a shocking twist for a book to take off so quickly. While creative writing involves no visual art or code, it is still a very long process. Best of luck, this book may be out by late 2019 or mid 2020 (hopefully, but no guarantee).

Though a novel, do not expect the typical "classic writing" experience that puts you to sleep. This story was originally intended for an action RPG, and is full of action and mystery inspired by modern pop culture. I hope to share more soon in time.

(Originally posted April 4th, 2019. Updated to new format November 10th, 2019)