Serious Business

The "debut game" development is fast in motion, and now it's time to get serious.

How? Why? Well, it's been a while, so here's what's up.

In wake of recent events (which I refuse to name, as it would embarrassingly date the time this was posted) I have been given more time than ever to produce Feral Perception's first game. And from here on out, it's full speed ahead!!

But with this new project in full force, what else does that mean? It means reaching out, advertising, and gathering attention in whatever way needed. (Even if it means returning to "the website" that destroyed years of my previous work)

But... it also means, unfortunately, tidying the place up a bit.

While I have found great pleasure in speaking from the heart, going with the most brutal of honesty, and even calling out those who have set me back? Well, in truth, blog posts about sticking the finger to my content's destroyers? Not exactly the most welcoming, neither professional.

It disappoints me to do this, but it is a greatly necessary evil. But as of this blog post: all previous posts, and other bits of the site, have been revised and (throws up in my mouth) censored, replacing acts of non-professional manners [in brackets, like this]

Though, FEAR NOT! As Feral Perception still GREATLY stands against repression and censorship, as will be made very clear by our debut game. And as a matter of fact, those of you "cultured" enough may have already found yourself a sneak peak from certain accounts of mine.