Project RZRC is the placeholder title of Feral Perception's first indie game, now fully in development.

RZRC is currently planned out in detail, and has entered it's late prototype stages. Though, the title is still a vast work in progress; as, that part is something I would like to take more time on.


The game is planned to be an action based, retro-style FPS & horror experience, with a particular amount of player choice involved. 

RZRC is set to be A GAME: as in, an interactive experience that you purchase once and own forever. An experience for the player at the controller: NOT an experience for xXStreamerManXx69NinjaBro's 9K viewers on GetStreamyTubeFame dot com.

As the game is currently planned; you can expect RZRC to include things like:

  • the exploration of linear but beautiful environments.

  • The occasional scare or spooky moment, but not at all in the “load noise with an image on screen” trope of a traditional jump scare.

  • Intense combat encounters.

  • And finally, elements of player choice to directly impact the story.

What RZRC is NOT: 


  • A shameless cashgrab.

  • An unedited resale of a "my first video game" starter kit

  • A clone, copycat, or wannabe of any popular game.

  • A battle royale.

  • A brainless game created for people to play and react to online.

  • A pro-studio quality, ground-breaking title, expected to sell millions.


If these small bits of information catch your interest, or if RZRC already sounds like your type of game: then please, stay around for more information, as I will be sharing more as the game is further developed. 

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